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Qualified Leads For Your Local Business

The biggest issues with any local businesses in the Grand Rapids area is not having enough qualified leads flowing into the top of their sales funnel on a consistent basis, not understanding the digital landscape and owners wearing too many hats.

BrytDigital will help fill your sales funnel with qualified leads, allowing you to remove a couple of the hats you wear and take the burden off of you trying to understand the internet.

Local Market Research

We’ll focus on understanding your market and customers, identifying your ideal customer. It is more than a broad statement like ” anyone who needs what we sell. We’ll uncover the correct terminology and the language of the industry.

  • What is their pain?
  • What are the demographics?
  • What are their buying patterns?
  • Where do they hang out online?
  • What do they like?
  • What do they dislike?

You may be surprised what we uncover.

BrytDigital will assess your website for branding, message, compatibility, and optimization. We’ll spy on your competitors to see what they are doing and differentiate your business ideology and mission from their message.

Customer Getting Content Creation

Understanding your market and business, BrytDigital will develop content for your website that converts site visitors to leads and leads to customers.

Your our brand is your customer’s window into your business. First impressions leave lasting impressions and rarely will you get a second chance to prove yourself.

  • What is your brand; your mission?
  • What does your brand say about your company?
  • What is your philosophy?
  • Why are in business and how that is conveyed to the community?
  • What is the solution you provide to your customer’s problem?

This needs to be clearly defined and engrained in your employee’s mindset when onboarding a new employee and throughout the life and culture of your business.

BrytDigital can help you craft a message and brand that tells your story in such a way that is clear, concise and relevant to your potential customer.

Profitable Digital Assets

Your online digital assets are the vehicles by which potential customers will discover who you are and find the solution to their specific problem. If developed correctly they will work their way to the first page of Google or Bing. Nearly 94% of all clicks happen on the first page of the Google; page two drops to 4%. After that, you virtually don’t exist online.

The local landscape provides fierce competition between businesses in Grand Rapids in any niche. Your brand must rise above the clutter. Your website is your best online asset to tell people who you are, why you are in business and the problems that you can solve for them. Not only must have clarity in mission and message but your website must be developed to function properly across all devices, desktop, mobile, and tablet. Nearly 75% of all searches are performed on a handheld device.

Social media plays an important role along with your Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. These must be fully developed along with local business directories and directories specific to your business as well.

Ranking on the first page of Google used to be as simple as stuffing as many keywords on your website home page as you could. Now, they look at many different signals to determine if you are relevant and deserving of being ranked on the first page.

Our job at BrytDigital is to get more leads into your sales funnel so your team can convert them into customers. As a business owner in Grand Rapids, you likely do not have the time, desire or knowledge to pull all different pieces of this puzzle together, but we do.

Most companies tell you what they do; we do SEO, we build websites, we do this and we do that.

Of course, BrytDigital does all of that.

Our message revolves around how we benefit you and your business.

We are not an advertising agency, an SEO agency or a website agency.

We are your “business partner” working in unison with you and your sales team to clarify your message, define your customer and drive leads to help you sell more of what your company offers in your local market.

If your business is profitable then BrytDigital will have accomplished its goal.

Plus, if you are profitable we believe we will be profitable. It’s a two-way street.

Give us a shout, we’ll be glad to speak with you and provide a free video assessment of your current digital presence online, offer recommendations, and if you wish to take care of them for you.

If you wish to keep all of this internal, we’ll do our best to guide you through the process.



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