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Lead conversion is the life blood for your business

How fast do you follow up on your leads? Did you know that, on average, only 34% of all leads are followed up on by a businesses sales team?

Lead conversion from emails are even worse?

How often do you let email leads sit and percolate for hours or even days before contacting them? The printed email sits in a pile, gets covered up with other paperwork. And before you know it the MLM lead is DEAD!

How many important contacts and potential customers and business partners are lost due to this fact.

What if one of those lost MLM leads meant a revenue increase that may just put your business over the top and help your entire team?

No lead, MLM or otherwise is too small to followup on. 

Watch this incredible video to learn how you can cut your MLM lead response time from hours and days to less than 1 minute!

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