National SEO One Bite At A time

Consider this:

The mindset by national companies is to dominate the search results on a national scale. And it should be.
However, this is a major undertaking and will cost tens of thousands of dollars each an every month over time to rank nationally for a few select keywords.
It is like trying to eat the entire pie in one sitting.
Now, consider breaking that pie down into bite sized pieces. It may take a few days to consume the entire pie, but it will eventually happen. Plus yo wont get all bloated and go into sugar overload.
Optimizing your business presence online works the same way.
Being a national company, consider breaking down your web dominance into these bite sized pieces and work locally.

Since you have a national product, it is assumed that this will be wanted in Los Angels, New York, Detroit, Tampa Bay and virtually every community in between.
So start your SEO efforts in a local area that you have identified as your prime target market. 
Generate your list of keywords then add the local attribution to them.
For example: If your prime market is Los Angeles, break that area down into the surrounding communities.
As you can see Los Angeles has many suburbs to work in.
You apply the suburb to the keyword you are working to rank for. Choose a couple locations to apply this to then write a blog post, article; make a video as you would for a national campaign highlighting your product specifically for the people of that suburb.
Don’t attempt to go for Los Angeles and ignore the suburbs. Attacking the suburbs will be easier to get page 1 rankings for in the search engines.
This strategy to optimize your national web presence into a more
localized presence will allow a greater amount of content to be produced
and distributed throughout the internet providing valuable back links
to your primary site.
“…local SEO is valuable because it gives you a targeted, relevant focus on
a nearby audience — and that makes it valuable to any company, even
national ones. You can still go after a national audience by maintaining
your previous strategies, but
incorporating local techniques will give you the best of both worlds.
~ Jason Demers – Entrepreneur Magazine, November 2014

Google likes activity. These location specific pages do not have to be part of the menu items. They can stay hidden as they are written primarily for the search engines.

Developing an SEO strategy, both national and local can be a daunting task and will require dedicated full-time personnel if you choose to keep it in house. 
BrytDigital specializes in developing local search engine strategies that help you generate more sales for your business.
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