How To Embedd a Google Map on Your WebsiteLearning how to embed a Google map into your website is a very simple task.

As a local business owner you should have a map of your location embeded into your website for two very good reasons.

First: People are busy, distracted and impatient. NOT having a map of your store or business location may cause your potential customer to leave without taking action, which means no sale.

Having a map on your website will allow your potential customer to find your location easily without having to go through another search on their desktop or app on their phone.

Second: Having a Goole map embedded on your site adds to your potential customer’s user experience. for the reason stated above. Anything you can do as a local business owner with a website to make your potential customer’s experience on your website easy, simple and fast will help them make a decision to buy your product or service.

The short of it is, don;t worry if you do not know how to embed a Google map on your website. I have made a real quick and simpe tutorial video for you to see exactly how it is done.



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