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There’s more to a website than cool design.

BrytDigital is your Grand Rapids website design specialist.

We focus on website design that converts visitors into qualified leads in Grand Rapids or your market.

Not all websites are the same in how they perform.

Load speed, user interface, and common sense all play into how long a potential customer will stay on your website. The content will help determine how far they will go into your website to find the information they are looking for.

Too many times we see websites that, when you land on the home page, want you to do several different things:

  • watch this video
  • download this ebook
  • click this ad
  • fill in this form….

This causes chaos and confusion and opens the door for people to leave your site.

Every page should have a specific goal or purpose in mind that you want to accomplish when a person lands on that page.

If you are interested in generating leads, then every page should have a phone number and an email opt-in form.

With the vast reach from all of the local business citations that we will put out on the internet for your business, a potential customer could come into your website from any page you have. This is why it is important, in addition to your phone number and opt-in form, to have authoritative content, rich in information on every page of your website.

How Does Local Web Design Differ From National Web Design?

The big difference is the local flavor to the content targeting specific cites and regions in your business area.

Beyond the content, we take great strides to develop a website that is attractive, builds your brand and informs your visitors about your business.

Face it, the lives of your potential customers are full of more noise and distractions than ever before. Social media is great for helping to build your business, but it is an ongoing distraction when people are on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

With all of this distraction, your website is the light in the distracting digital dynamic that will show people what your business is and who you are and what you can do for them.

How do you cut through the clutter to attract more leads, customers, and sales?

  1. Compelling content that serves your clientele
  2. Internet methods that shine a light on your website to say “Look, over here. We have what you are looking for!”
  3. This culminates in more customers who buy your stuff.

A website is a good tool. A website that is developed by BrytDigital for your local Grand Rapids business, optimized to rank for your customer’s searches and works to convert visitors into leads is a GREAT TOOL!

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